July 18, 2007

A pico reef resident

Posted in Fish, Pico tank at 1:58 am by tomokoschum

I just added a new goby to my pico tank. It was sold to me as a nano goby. I believe that it is Eviota spp a.k.a. Pygmy goby. It’s only about 2 cm. Its maximum size is supposed to be 2 to 3 cm. I added some copepods to the pico tank for the goby. I will offer some Cyclop-eeze tomorrow.

July 13, 2007

The pico tank inhabitants

Posted in Pico tank at 1:52 am by tomokoschum

Here’s my cute little sexy shrimp (Thor amboinensis.) It’s the only livestock besides a few soft corals in this tank. I am considering a small goby such as a Panda goby (Paragobius lacunicolus) or a Trimma goby (Trimma sp.) for its tank mate.

My new pico tank

Posted in Pico tank at 1:37 am by tomokoschum

This is my brand new pico tank. It’s a one gallon tank with a 13W compact fluorescent lamp. It came with its own small 9W light fixture and HOB fiter, but I replaced the light fixture with a Galaxy Light for more light.