March 20, 2008

Feeding baby cardinal fish

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:15 pm by tomokoschum

My baby cardinal fish are getting really big now.  They have been eating brine shrimp for a while.  I was very surprised when a baby took an adult brine shrimp when they were not even three weeks old.   Back on February 28th, an adult brine shrimp got into the fry tank accidentally.  I was watching to see if the babies recognize an adult brine shrimp when one of them came and took it into his mouth.  His mouth was stuffed with the brine shrimp and the tail of the brine shrimp was wiggling out of his mouth.    The baby managed to eat the brine shrimp, sucking the tail up like spaghetii. Since then I have been feeding adult brine shrimp to them in addition to frozen Cyclopeeze.

Here’s the picture of the baby cardinal fish eating brine shrimp:


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