March 20, 2008

Phytoplankton and zooplanktons

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I have been culturing phytoplankton and a few different zooplankton for a number of years.  It’s quite easy to culture phytoplankton and rotifers. 

This is what my culture stand looks like:

I have three different types of phytoplankton: nannochloropsis, tetraselmis, and isochrysis.

I use a wide mouth 1-liter water bottle with a rigid air line for an individual culture bottle:

I have six pairs of culture bottles. Every morning I take one of the pair and divide the content into two clean culture bottles. I top off each bottle with salt water (s.g.: 1.021) and add 0.4 ml of Micro Algae Grow fertilizer. Then I put the cap on the bottles and insert two rigid airlines to aerate the bottles. I then feed my zooplankton by pouring the content of the other bottle from the pair into their culture containers.

Here is my rotifer containers:

The containers of my tiggerpod (tigriopus californicus) culture looks identical to the rotifer containers.


Feeding baby cardinal fish

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My baby cardinal fish are getting really big now.  They have been eating brine shrimp for a while.  I was very surprised when a baby took an adult brine shrimp when they were not even three weeks old.   Back on February 28th, an adult brine shrimp got into the fry tank accidentally.  I was watching to see if the babies recognize an adult brine shrimp when one of them came and took it into his mouth.  His mouth was stuffed with the brine shrimp and the tail of the brine shrimp was wiggling out of his mouth.    The baby managed to eat the brine shrimp, sucking the tail up like spaghetii. Since then I have been feeding adult brine shrimp to them in addition to frozen Cyclopeeze.

Here’s the picture of the baby cardinal fish eating brine shrimp:

March 5, 2008

Mandarin gobies

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My blue male Mandarin goby

My orange female Mandarin goby

The courtship dance:

The male kissing the female:

Here’s a video of their courtship dance:

My new Leopard Wrasse

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I added a Leopard Wrasse to my tank on February 23rd.  It was an impulse buy.  He was so beautiful that I just could not pass him up.  I understand that this fish is not an easy one to keep and a lot of people lose it to starvation.  I am hoping that my other fish will help me train him to eat pellets, but so far he only eats live brine shrimp, live Tiggerpod (Tigriopus californicus) and frozen zooplankton (Hikari brand). He looks pretty healthy right now, even getting a little fatter.

When I put him in the tank, he looked really disoriented.  It took him a couple of minutes to start swimming normal.  Then when the light turned off, he got really spooked and tried to dive into the ground.  In my panic I turned the light back on, but then he started banging into the glass surfaces.  I quickly turned off the light again and he disappeared into the darkness. 

Here he is with his tank mate: